• Will Spink
    Senior Pastor
  • Wyketa Shipman
    Executive Assistant to the
    Senior Pastor
  • DJ Baptiste
    Director of Music Ministry
  • Bill Harritt
    Assistant Pastor of
  • Clay McCann
    Assistant Director of Youth
  • Kim Delchamps
    Administrative Assistant of
    Youth/Children Ministries
  • Derrick Harris
    Associate Pastor of
    Shepherding/Young Families
  • Shannon Clark
    Administrative Assistant of
    Adult Ministries
  • Angela Sierk
    Director of Children's Ministry
  • Tyanna Holbrook
    Director of Nursery
  • Janice Crowson
    Director of Facilities/Finance
  • Robert Blevins
    Director of Missions
  • General Contact
    For all other purposes
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Our Key Environments

Where do we focus on pursuing our vision and mission as a church? In three strategic environments:


From the parking lot to pew, we long to see people connecting with each other on Sunday mornings. On the Lord’s Day we worship together, learn together, serve together, drink coffee together, talk with each other and enjoy time together when the church is gathered corporately.

Grace Groups

The Christian life cannot be lived in isolation or anonymity. It is lived in community with each other. As a large church, we have intentionally committed to being a fellowship made up of Grace Groups, not simply a church with Grace Groups. Unless you connect through a Grace Group at Southwood, you will never be truly connected.


Grace cannot simply be something experienced; it must be expressed. Grace that claims to be experienced but lacks expression is simply religious self-deception masquerading as orthodoxy. Grace that claims to be expressed but lacks personal experience is simply social activism masquerading as Christianity. We embrace both the experience and expression of grace at the expense of neither.

Our Serving

Where has God particularly called Southwood to serve? While we rejoice that our members serve in many different ways in our community and beyond, we focus together on these three places to serve:

Student Ministries

From cradle to college, Southwood is a place for children. Whether it is ministry service through the nursery or working as adult leaders in Junior or Senior High-Life, we embrace the amazing opportunity to love, lead and learn with our covenant and community children.


C.S. Lewis said that Christians are "beggars telling other beggars where to find bread." As a community of broken, needy "beggars," we have embraced our calling to come alongside hurting families, hurting marriages, broken people and broken situations. Through our leadership, staff and members Southwood intentionally moves toward people who are in need. We understand the importance of this because we too are needy people.

Community Development

This term is an umbrella term we use to describe our participation in the restoration of creation. When the Fall of man occurred, every person, system and strategy within creation fell with us. Community Development is our attempt at working toward redemption to alleviate the physical and spiritual poverty created by the Fall, both in Huntsville and beyond.