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Children’s Update

Children’s Update

VBS 2021 Volunteers

WOW! What an amazing year we’ve had in the Children’s Ministry at Southwood! God has been very good indeed and in spite of a pandemic and a ton of unknowns, we have been so very blessed! Let’s reflect a bit on the past few months of Southwood Kids happenings and then we’ll dive into what’s ahead for Southwood Kids!

We began the summer with a new rotation of amazing volunteers serving upstairs, giving our long-term volunteers a brief but welcomed rest before kicking off a new year-long adventure! The kids and volunteers were excited finally to enter our study of the New Testament where we not only discovered New Testament names a bit easier to pronounce, but also that Jesus’ early adult life as Messiah, Teacher, Servant, and Miracle Maker was really cool!

As spring came to an end, we welcomed several children into church membership and challenged them to be bold servants of Christ. We also celebrated our graduating Sixth Graders at a luncheon in their honor, where parents spoke heartfelt blessings over their children. There was not a dry eye in the house as we shared sweet stories of them growing up at Southwood. Reluctant, yet excited, we passed them over to the amazing care and guidance of the Youth Ministry for a fun summer getting to know many new faces!

As we continued our mission into the summer months, we held playground play dates, our annual “Sprinkler Day” for Nursery and Preschool children and “Water Wars” for the older kids where we had a blast! We also welcomed back VBS after a year’s hiatus due to COVID. Unsure of what lay ahead for us, we prayerfully chose this year’s theme of “Journey Off the Map” and we leaped into uncharted territory! On our journey, we learned how to know, trust, and follow our ultimate guide, Jesus. It was an incredible whirlwind of a week with amazing decorations and over 100 truly gifted volunteers who loved on and pointed nearly 130 children towards a personal relationship with Christ!

This fall and into the new year, we will continue to encourage growing relationships with God through our study of the New Testament with “Jesus the Savior,” and we’ll move through the Bible chronologically all the way to the end. We’ll also have some great events geared towards growing relationships with one another and our neighbors.

The first big event of the fall was our “Express Grace: Kids Edition” conference for kids in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. While parents attended the adult conference, kids upstairs heard from Mr. Lyle Lee, Director of Student Ministries at The Village Church, and learned what it means to love all their neighbors from a kid’s perspective via the book “God’s Very Good Idea.” We will continue to challenge the kids to build upon what we have learned in order to apply it in a godly way in all the areas they live, learn, and play.

Using what we learned at Express Grace as a compass - and being mindful of current COVID protocols - we will continue to encourage growing relationships with each other and our neighbors in a variety of ways that can be done safely. Look forward to events for families and friends like picnics, kickball and basketball tournaments, community service events, Harvest HeyDay at Tate Farms (Oct. 20), decking the (children’s) hall, caroling the neighborhood, and more!

And, while most of the events above focus on our Ministry’s mission surrounding children, it’s important to note that we are also on mission to love, support, encourage, and equip our Parents, Volunteers and Nursery Staff - which we will be doing in a variety of ways as well! Please continue to pray for all elements of Southwood’s Children’s Ministry as we work to impart God’s wisdom to the next generation. And let us know if you’d like to join the fun!