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Special Directions

Wedding Directors are a necessity if you are getting married at Southwood. Our church family has been fortunate to have several gifted women volunteer their skills, talents, and time to brides and grooms over the past thirteen years. Carol Cox has been the coordinator of all the ladies but will quickly tell you that Carol Joiner and Cathy Mayer and the others who have filled this position are filled with talent, humor and a desire to make each wedding memorable for the couple being married as well as their families and guests.

Each woman brings a perspective to being a wedding director including what they enjoy about or delight in their job. Carol Cox enjoys all aspects of being a wedding coordinator, especially helping the bride put the pieces of the wedding day together. Carol considers being part of the actual wedding day an honor as she watches two people commit to each other before the Lord, their family and friend. Cathy Mayer’s joy is keeping all the mishaps under wraps so it can be the best possible day for the bride and groom and their families. She raises a voice of praise to the Lord for beginning a new family. Carol Joiner grew up watching her mom and her mother’s best friend direct and cater weddings and says she never grows tired of hearing each minister as they give every bride and groom such a godly personal charge for their lives beginning together.

When asked what they are blessed by, Cathy and Carol Joiner responded that it was directing the wedding of someone they have watched grow up in the church or who’s been part of Jr. High teaching or in a K-Group or Bible Study with them. Carol Cox enjoys being part of a couple’s big day. She has especially enjoyed directing the two military weddings and watching the couple walk out under sabers held by servicemen.

Unusual things do happen at weddings. Pastors often fail to come out on cue. Musicians show up minutes before they are to play. Photographers show up at the last minute. Flower girls and/or ring bearers don’t want to walk down the aisle. The pastors depend on the director to see the rehearsal begin on time, the wedding party put in place and the ceremony put in its appropriate perspective. Wedding parties often will give the director a hard time, but all these women come with a director’s personality and can quickly command the room. Cathy remembers Matt and Laura Burger’s wedding party all came to the sanctuary doors chewing gum after being told not to do so. Cathy’s hand held a mountain of chewed gum after all the wedding party entered the sanctuary. Carol Cox had the privilege of directing the wedding of an older couple who were high school sweethearts and reconnected at their 50th reunion. Their wedding involved all their children and thirteen grandchildren. Carol Joiner dealt with a prank at Tracy and Scott Lynam’s wedding which ruined a wedding dress and a car.

Carol Joiner summed it up well: Her mother told her on her own wedding day that included a cake disaster, “Carol, at the end of the day, you’ll be married and that’s all that matters - cake disaster or no cake disaster.” God’s sovereignty and humor do go hand-in-hand.  It’s just one of those momentous life days that you want everything to be perfect and not very humorous!  Within how God deems, we try to make that special day for each bride and groom happen.  In the process, as we hope to be a blessing to each covenant family, we in turn reap the most blessings from being able to serve others.

To be married at Southwood, you must be a member or an immediate relative of a member. To reserve the church and a pastor, come by the church office and you will be given all information for planning a wedding at Southwood.