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Domestic Partners

Domestic Partners

Southwood’s commitment to expressing grace MUST begin in our local community. Since our goal is to extend God’s kingdom, not Southwood’s, we can partner with many different organizations working to extend God’s kingdom in Huntsville.

We have chosen to “endorse” particular ministries that are committed to long-term, community development, and we based our endorsement on a number of criteria. First, they each demonstrate GRACE-BASED, DEVELOPMENTAL PRINCIPLES in their mission, vision, and work. Secondly, they have ACCOUNTABILITY for their resources. Thirdly, they have WELL STRUCTURED AVENUES TO UTILIZE VOLUNTEERS—meaning that your time serving will be well used. Please note that this is NOT an exhaustive list of all ministries!! These are, however, ministries committed to holistic change in our community brought about through long term relationships both with individuals and communities in Huntsville.

We encourage you to consider these different organizations. Then pray—ask God what gifts and skills He has given you, specifically, and how He would have you use those for His glory and the extension of His kingdom.

The Cornerstone Initiative

The Cornerstone Initiative seeks to build relationships among people in the low income neighborhoods in Huntsville’s Westside who have lost hope. They work to build trust and eventually friendships with the people of that community. As CornerStone employees and volunteers listen to residents and grow to care deeply about the issues that affect their lives, they don’t just jump right in and try to solve all of their problems. Instead, they “walk with” their friends, seeking to empower them to find solutions to their problems that utilize the gifts, skills and resources that God has already given them.

The CornerStone Initiative actively partners with numerous existing community service providers in Huntsville. In addition to connecting Westside residents with these resources, CornerStone also provides training through classes such as Faith and Finances and Jobs for Life.

Get Connected: cornerstone-al.org

The Huntsville Assistance Program

The Huntsville Assistance Program is a group of Christian congregations who desire to provide a ministry of assistance and referrals to needy individuals and families of Madison County, Alabama. This ministry focuses on the non-homeless and strives to achieve its mission by the pooling of volunteers, information, and financial resources of its members.

HAP's primary goal is to help clients have a better life. This does not always mean paying their bill will be the answer. HAP endeavors to meet many needs whether they are emotional, financial, or spiritual. All clients are interviewed in person and as much time as is needed to "peel back the onion" and get to the core of that person's particular problem is taken. We may need to refer this person for financial counseling, marital counseling, drug/alcohol addiction, or medical assistance. We are a major referral source for services available within Madison County. All persons interviewed are encouraged to find a church family regardless of their denomination preference.

Get Connected: huntsvilleassistanceprogram.org

InFocus Fellowship


InFocus ministry exists on the University of Alabama in Huntsville to reach out particularly to international students. UAH has a diverse student body and there is a unique opportunity to reach international students with the message of the gospel while they are studying in the United States. Many of these students will return as well-educated leaders to countries where there is currently little gospel influence. InFocus sees an opportunity to engage in foreign missions on the local university campus.

Get Connected: InFocus on Facebook

Lincoln Village Ministries

Lincoln Village

Lincoln Village Ministry is as multifaceted as the neighborhood in which they serve. Begun in 2002, the ministry has grown to include housing rehabilitation, a private elementary school, the LINC after-school program, Bible studies, and so much more. Each facet works together to bring the transformative hope of the Gospel into the Lincoln Village Neighborhood.

While the material poverty of the Lincoln Village neighborhood is evident, the staff and volunteers of Lincoln Village Ministry know that the need is far deeper than material things. The neighbors of Lincoln Village, like the neighbors of Jones Valley, need restoration that comes only through relationship with Jesus Christ. Christ came to “proclaim good news to the poor [...], liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind,” (Luke 4:18b), and LVPC continues proclaiming this same message of grace and hope through every avenue of ministry within the neighborhood.

Get Connected: lincolnvillageministry.com

Reformed University Fellowship - A&M


RUF is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America which welcomes students from any and all walks of life. Students, like many of us, often know the basic tenants of Christianity but struggle to understand the full meaning of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to experience it in community with others. The purpose of RUF, therefore, is to build a community on the college campus that reaches students of divergent beliefs and doubts with the message of the gospel and equips them to love and serve Jesus and his Church.

To find out more information about RUF at Alabama A&M, contact Britton Wood at .

Get Connected: aamu.ruf.org

Reformed University Fellowship - UAH


RUF is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America which welcomes students from any and all walks of life. Students, like many of us, often know the basic tenants of Christianity but struggle to understand the full meaning of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to experience it in community with others. The purpose of RUF, therefore, is to build a community on the college campus that reaches students of divergent beliefs and doubts with the message of the gospel and equips them to love and serve Jesus and his Church.

RUF at UAH is led by Vinnie Athey, with his wife Molly and their son Rhys.

Get Connected: rufuah.org

Reformed University Fellowship - UC Berkeley

RUF Berkeley is a ministry committed to reaching students for Christ and equipping them to serve on their campus, in their communities, and in their local churches. As the number one public university in the world, UC Berkeley is a unique missionary opportunity: It is ethnically diverse, academically driven, yet spiritually destitute as only 3% of 38,000+ students claim to be Christian. Yet for 13 years and counting, God has used RUF Berkeley in the lives of thousands of students, awakening them to the beauty of the Gospel and shaping them as future leaders of our world.

Get Connected: UC Berkeley on RUF's Website

Scottsboro Church Plant

Southwood supports a PCA church plant in Scottsboro, AL, which is led by Dieter Paulson and his family. Dieter has been hard at work forming partnerships with ministry supporters and also building connections in the community by coaching sports, heading up a Young Professionals initiative with the Chamber of Commerce, and joining the board of the local pregnancy center. Dieter and his wife are beginning their ministry efforts by leading Bible studies for men, women, and mixed groups. Their vision is to be a church that is evangelistic, gospel-focused, faithful to the Scriptures, and true to the Reformed faith. Please join the Paulsons in praying that God would lead 20 “non-churched" and “de-churched" couples to be a part of our launch team.

Get Connected: Coming soon!

Second Mile Development

Second Mile

Begun in 1985, Second Mile Development serves alongside Huntsville’s Terry Heights and Hillandale neighbors. Their ultimate goal is to bring about, through Christ, a reconciliation between all people - the rich and poor, the educated and uneducated, the fortunate and less fortunate. They serve their community through three programs: Pride for Parents (which includes the Neighborhood Store and the Baby Thrift Store), Second Mile Preschool, and Parent Initiative.

Pride for Parents seeks to empower parents to provide for their families - giving them the dignity of purchasing or earning credit for school supplies, clothes, and even Christmas presents. Each Christmas, they open Santa’s Secret Shop. Here parents can find new, unwrapped toys at reduced prices, and they even have the opportunity to work for store credit to purchase gifts for their children. Children receive presents, but their parents receive the greater gifts of dignity, choice, and ownership.

Get Connected: secondmile.net

The Village Church

The Village Church

The Village Church is a congregation of The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) - planted by Southwood in 2008 and pastored by Alex Shipman. They are founded on the understanding that the gospel is the great equalizer among all people, for it presents us all as mutually broken people before the cross of Christ. It is a place for mutually broken people who are in need of the restoring power of the gospel. Their vision is to embrace and extend God’s love in genuine community.

Get Connected: enterthevillage.net

The Village of Promise

The Village of Promise

The Village of Promise serves the needs of children and families from cradle to college to career in distressed neighborhoods. They offer education, health, enrichment programs and family support services to help each child succeed in school. Their initial efforts are focused in northwest Huntsville.

Get Connected: villagepromise.com

Young Life Huntsville

Young Life

Young Life works hard to develop long-term relationships with students- attending sports games, sitting in lunch rooms, and engaging students in the midst of their lives and culture. Whether through one-on-one contact, campaigners Bible study, or a week at summer camp, Young Life volunteers and staff work to show God’s love to students through the ministry of presence and teaching of God’s word.

Get Connected: northalabama.younglife.org