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Sundays at Southwood

Sunday Mornings

Sundays at Southwood revolve around corporate worship. During the week the church is often scattered to the many places where God has called us to live, work, and play, but on the Lord’s Day we gather together for worship among family and friends. We would love to have you join us!

What time is worship?
We have one service at 9:30am, followed by a Connect Hour at 11:00am that offers groups for all ages to connect with each other around God’s Word.

What is your worship style?

Our chosen style takes some elements of “traditional" worship and some elements of “modern" worship and utilizes both in our service. This means that we love rich liturgical elements like a call to worship and prayers of confession but that we employ them in a conversational manner. We use an overhead screen to communicate the flow of service, but we also have a bulletin that lists a few announcements and has room for sermon notes.

What kind of music do you sing?
We sing both traditional hymns and other Scriptural songs (many reset to newer arrangements) as well as newer, modern (some might say “contemporary") hymns. Our aim is always to sing songs that have substantive truth, emotional engagement, and culturally pleasing arrangements.

Do you use instruments?
Yes, we use instruments. On any given Sunday you may hear a piano, a cello, a guitar, a banjo or a drum. Our worship team makes use of the best musicians and the most appropriate instruments to carry a melody and accompany the singing.

Do we have to dress up?
No, you don’t "have to" dress up, and there is no “dress code." Some people will be in coat and tie, and some will be in jeans and sandals. You’ll be comfortable in either, and so are our pastors.

When do the services end?
Typically, each service lasts one hour and fifteen minutes, meaning that the service is completed around 10:45am. While we are not driven by the exact length and different service elements may make one service a bit longer or shorter than another, we also seek to be respectful of that general timeframe.

Can we bring our kids to worship?
Absolutely! We love and value having our children with us in worship and often communicate specifically to them during the service. There are several options for parents: 1) Worship as a family together for the entire service. 2) Mothers may use the sound-insulated room (which has sanctuary audio sent to the room) in the back of the sanctuary to nurse infants. 3) Worship together until midway in the service when Kindergarten and 1st grade children have the option of going to Kids Worship during the offertory.

Do you have Sunday School?
Yes. We have Sunday School classes for all ages at 11:00am, immediately following the worship service. We refer to this as our “Connect Hour." Our classes for children and youth are organized by age. Our adult Connect Communities are also organized roughly by age but still seek to connect intentionally across generations. Staying for this time together is a great way to get to know the heart of the Southwood Family.

Are there programs for Youth?
Are there? You bet! One of our passions at Southwood is student ministry. Click here to learn more about High-Life (our Senior High ministry) which meets on Sunday evenings and Junior High-Life (for Middle school students) which meets on Wednesday evenings at The Lodge.

For more information about Worship at Southwood please email worship@southwood.org or call 256-882-3085.

Please join us!

It would be our privilege to have you as our guest this week! We are located in Jones Valley at 1000 Carl T. Jones Drive. Check out our Guest Center (next to the patio with the fountain) where we can direct you to Worship or further information about anything!

8:45am Prayer Gathering

9:30am Worship Service

11:00am Connect Hour

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