• Jean F. Larroux, III
    Senior Pastor
  • Will Spink
    Associate Pastor / Director of Shepherding
  • Melissa Patterson
    Executive Assistant
  • Chad Townsley
    Associate Pastor / Director of High-Life
  • Winnie Winford
    High-Life Assistant Director
  • Niña Banta
    Director of Children's Ministry
  • Nancy McCreight
    Assistant Director of Children
  • Kim Delchamps
    Admin. Assistant Children/High-Life
  • Sarah Niemitz
    Director of Community Development/Assimilation
  • Jonathan Barnette
    Director of Communication
  • Janice Crowson
    Director of Facilities/Office
  • General Contact
    For all other purposes
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We’re glad you’ve found us online! We hope that the resources here will help you to learn more about Southwood and our heart for Huntsville and the world!

We’d love to meet you onsite & in person as well as online! Sunday morning is the best time to truly experience Southwood. Click around or contact us for more information. Again, welcome!

Find out what Sunday is all about. Take a look at what we believe.
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  • Lodge 10th Anniversary

    Join us for a free BBQ lunch after worship on Sunday, September 7th. We'll be celebrating the past 10 years and looking forward to 10 more!


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Last Sunday

Gospel Matters…even when you don’t think it matters! | Jean F. Larroux, III
Gospel Matters (14 of 15), Eph. 6:19-20
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Pastor’s Note
Pastor’s Note

I never forward emails…

I typically HATE (and I use that word on purpose) e-mail forwards. This problem is compounded by the age of my father. He is now in his 70’s and for some reason (I’m assuming there must be a private list for older parents) he… [more]

Rooted In Relationships: Why We All Need Small Groups
Rooted In Relationships: Why We All Need Small Groups


We all know at some level the pain of these words and can sense that the epidemic of loneliness and relational distance in our culture is not the way things are supposed to be. Many of us have more acquaintances and… [more]

Love Your Neighbor
Love Your Neighbor

The truth about volunteering

It is August, which means back to school routines and the onslaught of sign up opportunities. As a professional volunteer recruiter, this is like the first day of deer hunting season. Everyone’s rested from the summer and ready… [more]

Ask A Pastor
Ask A Pastor

Q: “You have quoted Steve Brown as saying, ‘The only people who get any better are those who know they don’t have to…’ What does that mean? Is it true?”

A: Yes, it is true and here’s what it means: If your life is spent with one… [more]

Session Update
Session Update

The Southwood Session met for the months of June and July during a combined meeting on Tuesday, July 1. The Session was excited to reflect on the first half of the year and all the ways that God has provided spiritually and physically for Southwood. The Session is also very excited… [more]

My Summer at Southwood
My Summer at Southwood

by Kalie Deaton Youth Intern
When I left Asheville in May, I had no idea what to expect from Huntsville except that it was a giant leap out of my comfort zone, hot, and full of people who say “Roll Tide.” I now realize that I really underestimated… [more]

Pastor’s Note
Pastor’s Note

20 Questions to ask yourself…

It is as old as the Apostle Paul and it comes up in every generation. It is the assumption that preaching the radical, free and accepting grace of God is the first step on a licentious, slippery slope toward antinomianism.… [more]

Struggle To Be Free Or Free To Struggle?
Struggle To Be Free Or Free To Struggle?

I want you to imagine a man who has abandoned reading Scripture and has a secret addiction to pornography. Imagine that same man writing a letter to his pastor, confessing the struggle and asking for help. Imagine a pastor writing a “Dear Abby” type response to his question.… [more]

Ask A Pastor
Ask A Pastor

Q: Are merit, guilt, or fear ever appropriate as secondary motivations (to holiness)?

A: First, let me say that merit, guilt and fear are present in all of our motivations, but the most important word in your question is “appropriate.”… [more]